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Hi! I'm Ben, a resident of Anthem AZ, and serving valley wide, I want to ensure your home remains safe, protected, and well-maintained while you're away. Being intimately familiar with travel and what it takes to leave your home unattended, I offer a variety of services that will give you peace of mind while you're away, traveling or even just renovating! I know Arizona well and seeing what can happen to your home here when left unattended for extended periods of time, can have costly results if not caught promptly. You made a large investment on your home, allow us to help maintain that!


Originally from Australia, G'day Mate!, I moved to the United States in early 2000 to upstate PA. After learning a lot there I moved over to the Phoenix Valley in 2007. I love Arizona and proud to call it home.  I have been doing many handyman jobs, renovating, flipping homes and restaurants, maintaining, and watching over homes valley wide ever since and love what I do. 


It's my goal to keep your home safe and avoid costly failures before they happen.

Don't leave your home to chance and walk into a long-standing water leak or electrical failure that could damage your home or appliances and leave costly repairs. 

Contact Us today!


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